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Innovation, tasteful design, wide and extensive product range, customized solutions. These are the strong points of GENNIUS pergola system, which adds to its range the brand new Isola2, an aluminium shading structure that protects from sun rays, wind, humidity thanks to the new movable system that channels rainwater to dedicated gutters.

Extremely easy to install, Isola2 can be adapted to any space: the pergola system has an arched shaped roof which allows minimum height overall dimensions and enhances the structure linear design. Moreover, the wide fabrics selection for the roof covering, along with an integrated perimetral led lighting kit, offer high level of customization for each customer most specific need.

The structure can be closed with multiple door types, designed as a protection to weathering. Due to the Vertika Gennius system, the pergola can be integrated with lateral and frontal drop-down awnings. Vertika Gennius offers an extensive variety of fabrics (transparent, filtering and darkening) to meet any lighting requirement. Once the roll-down awning is closed, it disappears entirely within the structure frame.

Maximum comfort is ensured with the latest state-of-the-art automation technology: smartphone and tablet apps allow the remote control of Isola2, so the customer can close or open the roof at any weather variation.

As far as energy saving is concerned, Isola2, as all other GENNIUS products, suits customer requirements all year round: during winter, it reduces heat dispersion and allows an ideal control of room temperature. During summer, the pergola protects from harmful UV rays and contributes to reduce overheating, cutting down air conditioning usage as well.

All Gennius products are tested and achieved the CE marking, as a guarantee of quality.

All models Gennius Pergolas are tested and have been certified CE e Class 6 Wind Load Certification
The recommended maximum dimensions are: in width 550 in projection 1000

Technical details

  • Perimetral side height: 30 cm
  • Self-standing version in 550×700 cm dimensions with 4 columns and 550×1000 cm with 6 columns
  • Against-wall version in 550×700 cm with 2 columns and 550×1000 cm with 3 columns
  • Dimmable led lighting kit perimetrally integrated
  • Optional: Vertika Gennius
  • Stainless steel bolts and screws
  • Fabric carrying crossbar profiles with reduced pitch
  • Wall-parallel and perpendicular crossbar profiles
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