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Comfort­ for ­the­ nicest ­hours­ of ­the ­summer

They stand elegantly and attractively in your garden and turn glaring sun into gentle light and heat into pleasant warmth. Experience the particular advantages and many different design possibilities of Caravita® sun shades.

Caravita® produces individual companions throughout the summer with each shade. You yourself combine cloth and rod colours, shade form and extras and thus create your entirely individual sun shade. Whoever likes it particularly creative has a large choice of freely designable patterns available.

Even large Caravita® shades can be opened with fascinating ease. User-friendly, sophisticated technology, high-grade materials and solid processing ensure years of pleasure in your sun shade from Caravita®.

Enjoy the summer!

Big Ben

Nice to see you! Where people meet, Big Ben is standing there ready and it creates a special atmosphere during the day and at night.

Available with a span width of up to six metres, Big Ben is big in format. It provides cover for everyone even there are a lot of guests. On terraces of restaurants, cafés and ice cream parlours it signals from a distance that people are sitting comfortably and secure.

A shining example of the innovation at Caravita® is the new lighting for Big Ben. Integrated almost invisibly in the shade struts, it does not disturb function and visual appearance in any way and provides pleasant, bright light. The electricity is supplied by a power socket at the bottom of the mast or from the ground via the floor anchor directly into the mast. The lighting is optional, so must be ordered separately.

When it gets cooler later on, the attachable infrared radiators generate pleasant warmth.

Big Ben can be opened and closed effortlessly by using a crank.


So much balance in form and function has earned our acclaim. This summer companion makes a good figure in any environment.

When Samara puts up its roof it becomes the focal point outdoor: everyone will want to come near it because Samara doses the hot temperatures and keeps the warmth of the day for a long time in the evening.

If it is put protectively over a table to protect the guests and the feast from melting, its sophisticated technology comes into use. The clever mechanism moves the shade upwards when closed. This means large shades are also closed above table height – a garden furniture does not need to be cleared. In gastronomy in particular, where the shade is frequently opened and closed, this function saves a lot of time and effort.

Samara is easily operated by using a crank. This is simple to do and requires minimum expenditure of energy.

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