Laminar Scots pine wood with autoclave impregnation in class RAL 3 according to the
DIN 68800/3 standards. Wood painted with water-impregnated varnishes. Painted Aisi 304 stainless steel brackets and supports. Stainless steel bolts and screws.
Double-beam load-bearing structure, 150 or 200 x 60 mm, leaning on front 90 x 160 mm beam supported by posts. Fabric pitch awning supported by 43 x 65 mm windbreak support bar profile and by 85 x 65 mm load-bearing end, and slides on 46 x 85 mm lateral guides. Windbreak support bar, end and guides are made of painted aluminum. Transmission system on lateral guides with high-resistance timing belt, rotating on ball bearings. Manual or automated movement system.

Produced with: front gutter with downspout incorporated in the post and water drainage through the foot secured to the ground.

For projections greater than 600 cm, support beam (section 9 x 6 cm) positioned at about half the projection.

Possibility to customize beam ends.


(L) Width from 250 to 550 cm (1 module)
up to 900 cm (2 modules)
up to 1200 cm (3 modules)
(S) Projection Projection from 200 to 700 cm
(H) Height 230 cm under the beam


2 Modules

3 Modules

In Production

Green varnish

Transparent varnish

Dark gray varnish tar

White enamel

White varnish

Ivory enamel

Light walnut varnish

Dark walnut varnish

Upon request

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