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Universal sun and heat protection made to measure: jointed/telescopic arm awnings provide many benefits and ensure hours of relaxation in the shade.

Jointed and telescopic arm awnings are amongst the most well known sun protection systems and are therefore very popular both in the domestic and commercial sectors.

Awnings are usually installed on walls or under roofs. The sprung jointed or telescopic arms push the end profile out and thereby roll out the awning cover from the roller shaft. The high stability of the jointed or telescopic arms enables a free floating and safe projection without additional supports. The use of the telescopic arm technology developed by Our Suppliers makes it possible to achieve very large projections of up to 5 metres and thereby create huge areas of shade of up to 90 m2 per awning.

Jointed and telescopic arm awnings are tailor-made and offer a full range of options. Continual quality control and the use of tried and tested brand fabrics with up to 100% UV protection guarantee maximum safety and functionality.

Choose from over 300 cover designs and thousands of colour combinations. Depending on the model and desired comfort level the awning is driven either manually using a crank or by a motor, which can also easily be operated via remote control or sun/wind sensors.


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