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Refleksol® 85

Refleksol® 85 is a free-hanging system made with modern interiors in mind. Can be installed on the wall, ceiling, as well as in a window niche. Square cassette with small dimensions, made of extruded aluminum ensures elegant appearance. System is equipped with special spring assisted chain mechanism allows for easy operation with very little effort. The system is available in two variations: Refleksol® 85 Manual and Refleksol® 85Semi-Automatic, which can be operated by chain or specially designed for that purpose bottom bar – a slight pull is enough to make the fabric roll up. Refleksol® 85 Semi-Automatic provides not only protection from the sun, but also original decorative element that is perfectly suited to any room.

Refleksol 120

Refleksol 120 is a product designed for various types of installation: under the plaster (concealed), in a niche, and on post-and-beam façades. Square cassette made of extruded aluminium, with pressure-cast end caps that give it an aesthetic appearance. By using guide rails GC30F or GC30FD the product becomes self-supporting, thus making the installation easier and adding the option of modular installation. For concealed installation a special square cassette is provided. It is made of 1.2 mm or 2.0 mm thick aluminium sheet and finished with pressure-cast end caps. The cassette front has an extension that enables putting on it plaster. Depending on requirements and the characteristics of the mounting place, it is also possible to use standard guide rails or cable guide.

This product has the new FG120 bottom bar.

Technical parameters

- cassette dimensions: 126 mm wide, 126 mm high,
- maximum dimensions: width 4.5 m, height 4.0 m, self-supporting option: width 3.5 m, height 4.0 m,
- construction available in any colour from RAL palette,
- wide range of fabrics,
- electric drive.


Refleksol® XL MA

Refleksol® XL MA is a non-cassette system designed to shade interiors of modern offices, conference or lecture halls. These roller blinds can be installed on the wall or ceiling, which enables hiding the roller tube in prepared niches in a suspended ceiling. System is available as a free-hanging version, and is operated by metal ball chain. Refleksol® XLMA serves not only as a functional protection from the sun, but also as a perfect decorative element that can liven up any place.

Refleksol Ziiip

Refleksol Ziiip is a textile roller blind designed to keep the fabric in constant tension regardless of its position. This solution allows us to enjoy the functionality of the blind even in strong gusty winds. The Ziiip system, thanks to its arrangement of compensating gaskets, provides a complete blackout effect, even with very uneven facades. It is the only solution of this type for external usage.

Technical parameters

‘- Cassette dimensions: 113mm wide, 128mm high, ‘

- maximum dimensions: 3.5m width, 3.5m height, ‘

- construction available in any color from RAL palette, ‘

- wide range of fabrics, ‘

- electric.

Markisolette 120

Markisolette 120 is a system that combines features of both awning and roller blind. The new square cassette provides modern design and improved aesthetics. Depending on the installation characteristics, the following guide rails can be used: GC30, GC30F, and GC30FD.

Technical parameters

- cassette dimensions:  126 mm wide, 126 mm high,
- maximum dimensions: width 3.5 m, height 4.0 m,
- construction available in any color from RAL palette,
- wide range of fabrics,
- system combining functions of both awning and roller blind,
- electric drive.

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